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A/N: I’ll be writing one shots for a few weeks until I get a new laptop or get mine fixed, then the fanfic will be continued. I felt bad making you guys wait, so I put this little thing together. Suggest me one shots and I’ll try to write them. Thank you for baring with my laziness and stupid laptop!

Wesley had never hurt you before, and you knew he tried hard to be the best boyfriend ever. But today, things have been different. Earlier Wes said he was going over to Drews to write some music and hang out, so you went to the mall to pamper yourself to some new lingerie. While you were shopping you spotted Wes with another girl, holding her hand and a couple of Victoria Secret shopping bags. Your heart sank as you saw how happy Wes looked with a girl other than you, so you quickly stormed out of the mall trying not to be seen.. You hadn’t texted nor called him since the incident, and you’ve locked yourself in your apartment, eating chocolate ice cream and crying your eyes out the whole day.

There was a soft knock on the door, and you tried to gather yourself together. You knew that you couldn’t, your mascara was probably all smeared and your face make up had been long gone. You shuffled to the door, and sighed, hesitating to turn the knob. You shook your head, turning the knob slowly and swinging the door open, revealing a content Wes with a smile on his face, like nothing had ever happened. He’s such a good liar, you thought to yourself.
“Baby what’s wrong?” asked Wes, stepping inside the apartment then examining your exhausted body. He tried to pull you in for a hug, but you refused and stepped aside. “Don’t baby me Wes” you said, raising your voice, making Wes alert because you’ve never raised your voice at him. “Y/N…” said Wes. You examined his face, he looked absolutely clueless. You shook your head in disbelief.
“No Wes, don’t act like you’re fucking clueless. I saw you with that little blonde girl at the mall today, hanging out with Drew my ass” you didn’t even look to see Wes reaction. You were just raging with emotion, so you ran to your room and locked the door before jumping in bed and screaming in your pillow. You couldn’t cry, you’ve been crying all day. There were no more tears left, you just felt weak, like you were the stupidest girl in the world for thinking a guy like Wesley Stromberg would actually want to be with a girl like yourself.
You heard a soft knock on the door. “Baby..” you heard Wes whisper. You got up and quietly went over to the door putting your ear against it. “Y/N please let me in” said Wes, slowly tracing his finger on the door. You felt tears stream down your face again, not even bothering to wipe them away.
“Just leave me alone Wes” you managed to choke out, sniffling and then letting out a big sigh. You brushed your hand through your hair, tugging on your bangs. Why did this have to be so frustrating? You thought to yourself. The tears continued, and you just didn’t care about anything at the moment. Your heart felt like it was slowly being torn apart, piece by piece, pain by pain.
You heard fidgeting going around in the door, and realized Wes was trying to undo the lock. Certainly, he did and was surprised to see you standing right by the door.
He examined you slowly, and his face dropped when he noticed how much pain he’s caused you. “I’m so sorry Y/N..” he said, trying to take your face into his big hands. You just shook your head as tears were still falling from your eyes. “How could you do this to me?” you choked, breaking into more sobs. You felt like shit now, wondering how you were ever going to get over this. How things were never going to be the same again. Your heart burned.
You noticed Wes eyes tearing up, and you can see the pain in them. You knew he was truly sorry for what he did, but that didn’t change the fact that he still did it. Wes grabbed your wrist, but you pulled away, turned around, and headed for bed.
You layed down, saying nothing but closing your eyes, you had finally stopped crying. You felt the bed shift, and knew it was Wes. He came close to you know, and lightly traced circles around your back. “Baby..” he whispered. “Please forgive me, I’m sorry. She’s just a friend, nothing more. No one can ever compare to you. I promise, I won’t lie to you. I don’t want to lose you… please Y/N” he choked out. You proped yourself up on your elbow, facing Wes.
Within seconds, the space between you closed as Wes attacked you with one of his famous kisses, which you couldn’t help but kiss back.
You could feel his tongue asking for entrance, and you knew he was getting what he wanted. You shook your head and ended the kiss. “No Wes, and kiss isn’t going to fix everything this time” you said, taking a pillow and blanket then storming out the room to the couch, where you would be spending the rest of your night alone, crying.

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